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Bavarian mountain holidays

8 November 2016

At the moment and until November, 20th, you can reach me under the following numbers:

+49 162 7084576 (calls and sms)
+7 928 915 67 53 (sms)
+7 988 936 40 66 (sms and Whatsapp)

As well as by email on all addresses indicated on this website!

Mt. Elbrus Climb 2017

15 October 2016

For more information about program details, availability and dates other than scheduled, please contact me by email go.elbrus@gmail.com or info@go-elbrus.com, by phone +7 928 915 67 53 or Whatsapp +7 988 936 40 66. I will be happy to write or call you back, just send me a short notice!

Individual expeditions, projects & events. If you want to climb individually by another program, if you are planning a private project (for example, a foto shooting or filming session), a special event or expedition, I will be happy to help you with management, support, organization and guiding.

We also offer professional logistics for experienced climbers and mountain guides at a fair price.

Climbers, who are looking for special attention on their climb and wish to hire a private guide, please feel free to contact me for private guide services.

Mt. Elbrus Climbing Schedule 2016

30 May 2016

For individual climbers, there are still places available during the following climbing dates:


For more information about the program at certain dates please contact us by email go.elbrus@gmail.com, or by phone +7 928 915 67 53. We will be happy to call you back, just give us a short note.

If you would like to climb with a group of friends (from 2 persons on), just let us know your dates and we will be happy to organize an individual climbing program for you according to your demands.

Our prices start with 650 euros per person for the 5-days short program, 800 euros for the 8-days climbing program from the South, 1000 euros for the 10-days Elbrus traverse from South to North or vice versa, or the climbing program from the North side.

Bavarian holidays

4 December 2014

I will be not be available on my Russian cell phone until mid December, in urgent cases please call +7 8036 7399. If you need information about our ski programs or Elbrus climbing tours please contact me at go.elbrus@gmail.com or info@go-elbrus.com, I will be checking my e-mails every day!

See you soon on Elbrus!

Mt. Elbrus climbing schedule 2015

27 November 2014

Here comes our new Mt. Elbrus climbing schedule with dates for our different climbing programs 2015.

All these programs can bring you up to either West (5642 m) or East (5621 m) summit. Normally we climb the higher West summit, as it is considered to be the real Top of Europe.

On our Mt. Elbrus traverses we climb up to the top from one side, and descend to the other (South or North) and ascent either West or East summit. If you are strong enough to take both summits at a time, you will have done the so-called "cross" over Elbrus. This was a rewarding achievement in Soviet times, and still is worth the effort, if you are an ambitious climber!

Elbrus Guidebook (in German)

18 November 2014

The Elbrus Guidebook in German by Jens Jäger and co-author Liza Pahl is now available in new edition. Contents: Trekking around Elbrus on the Northern circuit, Elbrus climb from the South, skiing and freeriding, GPS coordinates, maps, advises for travelers and a small Russian phrasebook.

Mt. Elbrus climb from the South

21 June 2013

Still places available!

Classical 8-days climbing program on the following dates:

21.07.-28.07.2013 - guaranteed departure date
10.-17.08.2013 - guaranteed departure date
24.-31.07.2013 - guaranteed departure date

In case, if you have only few days for climbing and are physically in good shape or coming from another high mountain with some acclimatization, we can offer you a new shorter climbing program with 6 days only. Then the date of arrival is 1 day later, the day of departure 1 day earlier then in the program above.

Short 6-days climbing program at the following dates:

22.-27.07.2013 - guaranteed departure date
10.-15.08.2013 - guaranteed departure date
25.-30.08.2013 - guaranteed departure date

Four times successfully at the summit since season start

19 May 2013

Since end of April we have had four 100% successful expeditions to the top of Mt. Elbrus.

Due to open ice above Pastukhov Rocks (4500 m) the first 3 groups had to leave their skis at that altitude and climb further on crampons.

But last week finally the conditions on the mountain were perfect for a ski descent. After a strenuous ascent on skins to the saddle we decided to climb the last 300 vertical meters to the summit with our skis on our backpacks. The run directly from the summit was great, good powder right down to our camp at 3700 m!

Good news!

20 April 2013

With the snowfall of the last few days, slightly increasing temperatures and less wind on the mountain, the ice above Pastukhov Rocks (4500 m) is now totally covered. Now it is possible to climb to the summit without fix ropes, just using crampons and ice axe. Using skis for ascent and descent above this mark is still not very safe, due to the small snow cover on the ice, but the fresh snow predicted during the next week will probably improve the situation. This gives us a very good season start, and hopefully all groups intending to climb with skis will be able to do so!

New schedule for Mt. Elbrus climb from the South 2013

20 April 2013


Our price for a full service tour (8 days), including transportation Mineralnye Vody Airport-Terskol and back, 3 nights accommodation in Hotel Salam in Terskol (double room) with breakfast/ lunch package/ dinner, luggage storage in the hotel while on the mountain, 4 nights accommodation in mountain camp at 3800 m with breakfast/ lunch/ dinner, local transfers, lift ascents/ descents on Mt. Cheget and Mt. Elbrus, all necessary permits and registrations, invitation for the visa, national park fee, guide for all days, starts at 750 euros/ person, depending on the season.

Should you be interested in any of our other programs please let us know, and we'll send you more information about dates and availability!

Elbrus Climbing Schedule 2011

9 March 2011

Beginning with June, 2011 we will run our classical 8 days Elbrus climb from the South with guaranteed departure:


Departure dates for our Elbrus climb from the South via Terskol Valley are 2 days earlier, this means every thursday. Climbing dates for our Elbrus climb from the North will be published on our website in a few days.
Group bookings for any program (Elbrus classical climb, Elbrus via Terskol Valley, Elbrus from the North Side) are possible at any dates.

Night Ride

27 February 2010

We have designed a new program for you – night ride on Elbrus!